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Should you order custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer?

If you have thought about ordering custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer, the price may be the one thing that stopped you. After all, it would be nice to have optics that are actually made for the equipment you own, wouldn’t it?


If price is the only thing stopping you from ordering custom optics, then here are a few reasons why you should. Followed by a way to get the custom optics you want at the same price or less than what you are already paying for non-custom optics.


World-class lens design — If you want to have the best lenses possible for all the equipment you use, then getting custom optics is really the only way to do it. A good optical lens manufacturer will offer world-class lens design and prototyping as well as international standard lens manufacturing. If you want the best, this is the way to get it.


Your work will be even more precise — The equipment you already use is precise due to the lenses you already use. Order custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer, however, and your work will be able to be even more precise. This is due to the custom optics fitting your equipment even better, thus allowing it to do its most precise work.


Ordering custom optics is easy — All you need to know are the measurements for the custom optics you order. Then contact an optical lens manufacturer and ask for a quote for custom optics with those exact measurements. You should receive a free quote in just a few hours, along with an idea of how long the prototype will take to make.


Nothing is too much trouble — Once you go with a company offering custom optics, you will find nothing you need is too much trouble.


When you first place an order for custom optics, your job will be assigned to an account executive who will contact you and walk you through the entire process from design to prototyping to the final product.


Any questions you have, he can answer. Any problems you man encounter he will be able to solve. In other words, your experience ordering custom optics will be like no lens buying experience you have ever had before or since. It will also probably be your most enjoyable one.


How to find custom optics for a price that is in your budget — The most important thing when you decide to buy custom optics, however, is that you will want to find them at a price that your budget will allow.


This can usually be done by ordering them from one of the top Asian companies that currently offer them. You will find these companies in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as in other countries in south east Asia. Get quotes from a variety of optical lens manufacturers, check out each company’s reputation and then place your order with the one that can design and manufacture what you need.

Managed wordpress hosting in a nutshell

An introduction to wordpress

WordPress is inarguably one of the most widely used platforms for building websites of just about any kind, especially when it comes to a less technical approach on things. Programming isn’t something that just anyone can pick up when they need to, which means that before software like WordPress was around, there were no simple ways to actually create a website by yourself.

And with so many different customizable options, (and WordPress to install properly itself for that matter if you don’t have a host), it can still be somewhat confusing to get going from the very beginning regardless. That’s part of the reason that managed wordpress hosting is so valuable and widely used; you don’t have to deal with the headache of hosting issues (click here to learn more)! You also get a lot of really neat options most of the time like automatic back-up, more in-depth statistics, and a lot more when you are using a managed wordpress host vs doing it yourself.

The importance of managed wordpress hosting

It’s also important to note that while wordpress does have a free version hosted through its wordpress subdomain, the number of features and total accessibility drops drastically. There is a lot missing from that, and unless you are ready to shell out upwards of $100 or more, there don’t end up being many other real options.

The other main reason why you would want to use managed wordpress hosting, (vs. the ‘DIY’ approach), is the quality connection that you are going to need to be able to run a successful business / blog / website anyways! It’s very difficult to sustain a decent user-base on a non-dedicated connection, and that can quickly lead to less popularity for your project / end-goal. Along with the fact that you can often get your domain name bundled in with your hosting most places, it’s just so much easier in general this way.

A basic summary of managed wordpress hosting, (plus tips on how to get the most out of it!)

All in all, managed wordpress hosting not only saves you a lot of money — it saves you a lot of time and struggle. A properly built and managed website is a staple for brands of any kind, (especially in 2017), and it’s not something you want to skimp out on. The number of different tools and options provided by a lot of the hosts who offer managed wordpress hosting, (including search engine optimization & other ranking aids), are often more valuable than the actual hosting itself. If you were to buy the different pieces of software individually, it could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Instead, you have the ability to pay one cost per month that you are essentially going to have to end up paying anyways, (hosting), and get all of that bundled in for ‘free’. It’s one of those things that most people don’t even think about whenever they are starting to set up their website, but it can make a giant difference down the road!

A Look at the 23andMe Genetic Testing


23andMe is the name of a widely known genetic test that was launched by a company of the same name. The firm specializes in both biotechnology and personal genomics. It’s located in Mountain View in California and has been in existence since the spring of 2006. It was created by the team of Paul Cusenza, Linda Avey and Anne Wojcicki. 23andMe is a user-friendly test that concentrates on all matters that pertain to genetics. People who are curious about their family backgrounds regularly take these tests. People who want to learn more about their heritage and ancestry routinely take them as well. These tests can give people useful and practical details that can help them in many diverse areas in life. They provide information that involves personal traits. They even provide helpful details that relate to health matters. There are many health conditions out there that are genetic. Some people may be more or less susceptible to certain medical disorders due to their ancestry.

A Hassle-Free Testing Approach

23andMe can make a strong genetic testing option for people who appreciate convenience and ease. This test doesn’t call for the assistance of needles or blood. People who want to steer clear of shots may be ideal candidates for 23andMe testing. If you want to get this test done, you don’t have to do much at all. All you have to do is send the 23andMe team a basic saliva sample, nothing more and nothing less. You can do this without even walking out of your residence as well. Your saliva can give the laboratory technicians access to your unique and distinctive DNA information. More on this can be read in this 23andme review – it goes into a lot more detail.

Fast and Convenient

It can be frustrating and boring to wait around for ages to receive genetic testing results. Thankfully, the people who rely on 23andMe don’t have to do this. It takes the hard-working 23andMe crew between six and eight weeks to provide individuals with their meticulous assessments. If you wait for this amount of time to pass, you should receive an email notification. This email will alert you to the fact that your report is on hand and 100 percent set for evaluation.

Why You Can Trust 23andMe’s Testing

23andMe gives people the comfort of genetic assessments that are supported by scientific research. The 23andMe staff processes saliva samples inside of laboratories that are equipped with both CAP and CLIA accreditation. 23andMe gives users DNA kits that have the approval of the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). 23andMe provides people with assessments that are completely individualized and unique. These reports come from medical and scientific studies that are credible and trustworthy.

Privacy Is a Focal Point

23andMe is a highly regarded genetic testing service that gives people genetic details that can assist them in many different and vital areas of life. People rely on 23andMe for information that’s modern, updated and comprehensive. They also rely on the company for privacy and discretion that’s matchless. 23andMe does not ever give other parties access to peoples’ genetic data.

Grow your Instagram account in just a few weeks with these tips

Growing your Instagram account is something tens of thousands of people are trying to do every month. Some manage it, some start to buy instagram likes and go from there, but most give up before they even start.

Thankfully, it is possible to grow your Instagram account in just a few weeks if you are willing to put in the time. If you follow all of these tips, you may even be able to do it faster.

Focus on quality — The first rule of thumb with any Instagram account is to focus on quality. This means only post your best photographs and, if that means you can only post one photo every few days, for the time being so be it.

Post several times a day — That being said, your Instagram account will grow faster if you post new photographs several times a day. If you use different hashtags on each, it also brings your account to the attention of more people. Some of them will start to follow you.

Follow other people and comment — Following other people isn’t enough. You also want to be sure you comment on their photos as well.

If you comment consistently and with interesting things to say, some people will start to follow your account as well. Simply because they love that you are supporting them and that you seem to like what they are doing.

Respond to comments — If anyone leaves comments on your photos, always like their comment and always respond.

Responding will attract the attention of the person who commented and, if they are not following you yet, they very well may do after they have read your nice or interesting reply to them.

Ask people to comment — One of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram account in just a few weeks is to ask people to comment on your photograph or on something you say on it.

All you have to do is to end the description you leave with statements like “What do you think about that?” or “Leave a comment and let me know how you feel”.

Many people will comment, some will keep coming back to add more and a few will also begin to follow you.

Consistency is vital — Instagram accounts do not grow very well if you post a photograph, leave and then do not post another one for several days.

Consistency when trying to grow an Instagram account is vital.

That means posting every day at the same time, and posting several times a day if you have enough good photos to be able to do so. This will leave your followers looking for your photographs at around the same daily time, and then liking them as soon as they appear.

Be consistent with filters — The prettiest accounts usually use the same filters. That means choosing a filter you like and then using it on every photo you upload.

A uniform filter often makes an account stand out, and makes it more likely people will start to follow you.

How to Choose the Right VPN Service for Canadians

Why Would One Desire to Utilize a VPN in Canada?-

Some controversy has been raised among Canadian citizens regarding their countries’ surveillance and privacy policies for online browsing and usage. There is a wide range of unrecognized surveillance taking place throughout Canada’s internet networks, which many individuals feel to be both invasive and inconsiderate of their personal privacy. Many of these laws also allow for specific federal parties to retain and capture data from certain networks and computers. Most of these policies have been created in the name of national security. However, opposed to making citizens of Canada feel secured and protected, this type of federal control can often lead to discomfort and distrust in these types of ideologies. In order for Canadians to gain a higher level of privacy and avoid unwanted internet censorship, many have turned to the use of VPNs to ensure their online safety and access a wider range of content. These Canadian VPN services help conceal the IP address of your computer, as it cloaks the address with a separate IP address, often times based out of another country. This gives individuals a far higher range of discrepancy while browsing and using online features, including downloading torrents and viewing movies on streaming services.


This VPN service is great for consumers looking to not only conceal their identity from outside sources, but also from the software they are using to protect them. Basically stated, the service takes pride in ensuring with the confidence, that they keep no database or records containing your online traffic and usage. NordVPN has servers in a diverse set of over 50 separate countries, one of which includes Canada. It is available for Mac and PC, and is appreciated as a highly secure and efficient VPN service Canadians are able to utilize.


This is another great VPN service many Canadians may find to be useful. The site is based out of Hungary. It also has a wide range of servers in over 35 separate countries including the North American continent. It is a great tool for unblocking your favorite streaming sites, which will give you a wider and far more comprehensive range of movies and TV shows to choose from while streaming. Download and Upload speeds for Buffered users are reported by many to be rather high, making it a great server for people interested in doing online activities which require an abundance of speed.

What to Stear Clear of-

While many VPN Services are both helpful and safe, there are some that are better off being boycotted for Canadian Users. TunnelBear is one of these, as it is based out of Canada and is therefore subject to Canadian law. The last thing anybody wants is for their VPN service to be under the reigns of Canada’s law enforcement, as the company could at any point be required to release their customer’s private information and internet data. It is important to stay educated and shop around, before making a decision on which VPN service is best for you.

The Details And Benefits Of Using VoIP Phone Services

The Definition of VoIP

VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a phone service provided through the internet. Phone service is available for individuals with a quality connection to the internet as an alternative to service provided by a local phone company. Some individuals choose to use VoIP and a standard phone service because the rates for VoIP are much lower. Although the service is consistently developing it does not always include phone directory listings, service for 411 or 911, and many additional phone services. As technology advances, this is expected to change in the future.

How VoIP Service Works

VoIP turns analog signals into digital signals that can be transmitted through the internet. The function can be controlled with a separate box or built directly into a phone. When a box is used the signal is transmitted from the box to the Ethernet, to the router, to the internet, and then controlled by the VoIP provider. The progression when using a phone with built in capabilities is the same except the cycle begins with the phone instead of the box. A VoIP service provider can be completely bypassed when the connection is being made to another VoIP user. Problems can occur if the NAT routers are blocking the VoIP device. VoIP is often used for outbound call centers due to the substantially lower rate.

The Benefits of VoIP

The two main benefits of using VoIP are better functionality and a much lower cost. A phone service through VoIP is a lot less expensive than the same service provided by a more traditional source. However, there can still be some key differences between different VoIP providers, so make sure to read VoIP reviews to help you find the right service for you.

A large percentage of traditional services are under a government entity or a monopoly causing higher prices. When one network is used to carry both data and voice additional savings are involved. When the network capacity of the user is under-utilized VoIP can usually be used without incurring any additional costs.

There are numerous cases where making phone calls both locally and internationally with VoIP are free. Although the user will have to pay for a quality internet service it is possible there will be no additional charges when using VoIP so the user perceives their calls as free. Many companies promote their VoIP services as being free including numerous prominent businesses. While traditional phone services are consistently trying to provide better pricing for international calls VoIP service provides VoIP phone numbers in more than forty countries. Adding one of these numbers to an account is simple and easy. VoIP services also increase the functionality of the service because there are things easily performed by VoIP yet impossible when using the network of a traditional phone service. As soon as VoIP is plugged into a network all incoming calls will be routed automatically to the VoIP phone. This is regardless of location so a VoIP phone can easily be used when relocating or on a vacation. Providing the internet connection is solid a VoIP phone will work anywhere and at any time.

Fluster your IG account with new life

Tired of feeling flustered because your account has not had any notable growth? Well here are some tips on how to make sure that you are maximizing your profile’s potential to one day become Instagram famous.

Find a niche

Okay. So when have you ever searched the internet for a web page that offers information on a bunch of random topics that you have no interest in reading about? Let me answer that for you. Never. Why would anybody go to a webpage to have random nonsense thrown in their faces? To make sure we keep an audience that happens to cross our page, we must first connect with them by showing them something that interests them. This means we need to pick a niche(theme). So say you are you are into fitness, this would mean that almost all of your pictures should be about exercising. If the audience visiting your site wants to know whats the latest in exercise trends(equipment, routines, fitness gear, etc) then you will have a higher chance of getting that person to follow you. So find a category and stick to it.

Post Regularly

I cannot stress this enough. If you do not post on a somewhat consistent schedule this will hinder your chances of hooking traffic. No one likes to visit a page that is not constantly providing new content. If your audience gets the feeling that no new content is being uploaded then why would they follow you? At least upload twice a day. The more posts the better. But the best way to make sure you stay consistent would be to keep a basic posting schedule. Whether it is putting up reminders on your Gmail calendar or just telling yourself that you need to post in the morning/afternoon, you need to have a dedicated schedule if you want to increase followers.

Tag your location

This is another way we can connect with our audience to get them engaged in our content. If the potential follower sees that you post about a certain location that interests them, then by following you they can get intel about the places you visit before they do. Basically, you are providing a service for them that gauges whether or not they would like to visit a certain area. How many times have we passed a restaurant or park but never got a chance to visit? It happens all the time, but what with a chance to see people enjoy themselves at one of these places gives an audience the chance to live through these moments vicariously.


Just like Twitter feed, Instagram will push traffic to you if you provide hashtags in your post that people are demanding content on. It is a free advertising tool you can deploy to catch wondering traffic, so use this free resource!

Follow these tips and if you put in this simple work the traffic will come. But you can also purchase some followers on comprare like instagram. Goodluck and get out there!

Finding The Optimal Hard Drives For Your PS4

Finding The Optimal Hard Drives For Your PS4

Every serious gamer knows that the best and smoothest game-play requires a good hard drive. Now while internal hard drive installation has always been fairly easy for those who know what they are doing, not everyone does and this can create big problems when you’re handling such a pricey piece of equipment. This is especially true for those beginners who want more hard drives on their gaming console but simply do not know what they are doing and can often end up with 300+ dollars straight down the drain! Thankfully, the new PS4 comes fully equipped with external hard drive supports (for instance for the PS4 Pro hard drive) which makes driver installation considerably easier and less taxing on the individual as now all you have to do is plug in a driver and turn on your console. That’s it, its really that simple.


What is considerably less simple, however, is choosing the very best hard drives for your brand new PS4 given the massive quantity of various different kinds of products to choose from. There is no “one size fits all” and different people will always want different drives that work best for them but most people will want to find a good balance of storage space and low cost. Also important to keep in mind are the system requirements which your driver will need to conform to, for instance, unless the driver you are eyeing is USB 3.0 compatible, do not even bother picking it up for your PS4 because it simply will not work. There is a work around for this if you happen to have a old drive you wish to use, but it would require a SSD, which are not recommended as they will not at all increase system performance and in many case it will decrease it (causing loading times and bootup to take much longer than normal). If you do not mind increased loading times and decreased performance of your system then this might not be a problem but for most people it will be and is easily remedied with a SSHD, such as a Seagate FireCuda Gaming 2.5 Portable Hard Drive (not external).


Lastly, and this is actually fairly important, pay no mind to the supposed “special features” many different brands purport to offer with their storage. Most of these are just marketing gimmicks that are distractions from the core questions, 1. is it PS4 compatible? 2. how much does it cost? And, finally, how much storage space does it provide? Everything else should be secondary to these three questions. For example, there is a storage system called WD Passport which offers cloud backup insurance, but this simply is not even usable on a PS4, so be sure to check, firstly, that these perks are actually something useful and substantive as opposed to flashy bells and whistles and, secondly, if the perks that these drives offer is of some use and value to you, be sure to check and see if these perks will actually work on a PS4 system before you purchase them, otherwise you will find yourself out a lot of money and without any of those “special features” you paid so much for and that’s no fun for anyone.


Is Buying Followers an Effective Way to Grow Your Instagram Account?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your Instagram account is by buying followers. While this is a very simple and powerful process to expand your reach with social media, many people wonder is buying followers an effective way to grow your Instagram account?

Today we are going to discuss exactly how it will benefit you to take advantage of buying followers, for example on, to grow your Instagram account.

The Ability to Be Seen as the Leader

Buying Instagram followers gives you the ability to be able to instantly become the leader in any niche. What happens now is when an organic visitor is searching and they see you and your competition, they often separate the two by the amount of followers. When your numbers are huge, it doesn’t take much for the visitors to associate you with being that leader in the niche. What they do is wonder what all the buzz is about, and they want to be a part of the action so they tend to hang around and follow you just out of curiosity. This gives you more credibility too, which could help you to get those organic followers to follow links to your money sites as well.

Moving Ahead of the Competition Lightning Fast

The simple truth is that if you are not making efforts daily to get ahead, your competition is going to be doing whatever it takes to keep you in their rear-view mirror. When you are trying to increase SEO or create the most compelling content, your competition is simply pulling away from you by doing what you should be doing, buying Instagram followers. While you wait to get to 1,000 followers, they are passing 10,000 followers. The simple truth to the question of is buying followers an effective way to grow your Instagram account, and the answer is yes. You could get far enough ahead that they can not affect your traffic any longer.

Staying Ahead and Growing Your Following

Now that you have utilized the process for getting more followers, all you have to be doing at this point is simply adding relevant content each day to your account so that new organic traffic and long-term followers have something to look forward to each day. When they are able to come back every day at the same time, they will start to help you in ways you may not have even thought possible. Just imagine one follower has 100 people in their social circle. That one person likes, or follows, or share your content, and now it is exposed for free to another hundred. If ten people did this daily, you could be in front of a thousand potential followers today. These numbers are on the low side, but give you a better understanding of how quickly you can grow your following when you are buying followers.

So there you have it, hopefully this information answered your concern is buying followers an effective way to grow your Instagram account?

When you Are Looking For A Car On A Budget This Is What You Can Get For $5,000

Your Budget

Most people have to live within their budgets. This can be difficult at times, especially if you need to purchase a car. There are a lot of cars available for $5,000 and some are better than others. You must be careful and have the car you are considering purchasing checked by a mechanic. You will find some are in excellent condition and others need extensive repair work. Obtaining a vehicle history report can help you find a well maintained vehicle within your budget.

The Expectations

Most cars in the $5,000 price range will have mileage from 100,000 to 150,000. Expect the cars you look at to be a minimum of ten years old. In this price range the body of the car should be basically clean although there may be a few dings and scratches. Chances are you will see wear on the interior and especially the driver’s seat. If the car has been properly taken care of the interior can still be clean.

The Best Options For Purchase

A fair portion of new car dealerships will not sell cars in your price range. One option is an independent lot for used cars since they generally have numerous cars for around $5,000. Checking online and with private sellers are also excellent options. If you have already decided exactly what make and model of car you are interested in purchasing your best option is to find three cars that match your description. If your ideal car is a popular brand all you will locate are older cars with higher mileage and depending on the individual cars this may work. The domestic car brands will be less expensive, have less miles and be newer.

The Listings For Used Cars

Used car listings are an excellent way to locate the right car. You can use filters and advanced search options to narrow down potential cars and save a lot of time and running around. It is best to start your initial search for cars priced at $6,000 or less with under 150,000 miles. This gives you a chance to bargain with the seller and get a more expensive car at a better price. Starting locally is always best so set your search radius for within 25 miles. If you are unable to locate what you are looking for you can gradually increase the radius for your search. Keep a list of any possibilities you have found.

The Vehicle History Report

Having the vehicle history report for a car is critical. You can accomplish this by writing down the vehicle identification number listed in the ad. The two largest companies who provide this service are AutoCheck and Carfax. Remember $5,000 is still a considerable amount of money and do not want to purchase a car that has a salvage title or one that has had numerous problems of a serious nature in the past. Both of these are possible in this price range so be careful. Once you are certain the car has been properly maintained and has a clear title, contact the seller and begin bargaining to purchase your desired vehicle. If you are still lost, you can read more practical tips on

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