If you want to get into IT, but are not sure it is an industry you would like, here are five tips about things you should know about any IT job like vacatures it you are considering.


Things that will help you in your job applications, as well as make sure you are very happy with the IT job you finally get.


Is it a start up and is it stable? — Many new IT jobs are in start up companies. This often means they have only been around for a few months, and are just now adding new staff to new positions.


While this can be a good opportunity for you, it also means the company may not be very stable. Find out how long they have been in existence, where their funding comes from and how stable they actually seem to be. If you cannot get these answers in an interview, make sure you do the necessary research when you get home.


Working hours can be long — While interesting, working hours for many IT jobs can be very long.


They will often include working to well past 10pm every evening, and will usually include weekend work as well.


Be sure to find out how many hours a week is normal for a company’s IT jobs before you agree to take one.


Relaxed work enviroments versus strict ones — While many IT jobs are in relaxed work environments where you can arrive when you want, and can even wear jeans to work, some are not.


Decide what kind of environment you want for your new IT job, and only apply for companies that offer it.


Benefits are not always good — While salaries can be very high in IT jobs, benefits are not always quite as good.


These can include poor vacation time, low quality health insurance and other benefits you may have had at your last IT job but are not available at a new one.


Make sure you already know going into an interview what type of benefits are important to you and what you are not willing to compromise on.


That means looking at the salary versus the benefits offered, and deciding if an increased salary makes up for worse benefits.


Some companies, however, do offer excellent benefits along with their superb salaries. If that is the case, that type of IT job is something you should definitely consider seriously.


Location is as important as salary — One of the drawbacks of working in IT can be that the business is located in an industrial park a long way away from where you live.


Make sure you know how long it is going to take to get to a potential new company’s work place. Particularly when you will be traveling during rush hour.


Location of a new IT job is often as important as the salary they are paying, so do be sure you understand all the positives and negatives about an IT company’s location before agreeing to work for them.