When looking for ways to bring visitors to your website, you might be considering using services that bring in traffic and can help boost your sales leads. Usually bringing in traffic involves using either pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, or using other means to buy traffic. In technical terms, buying traffic and PPC actually overlap since having your ads placed in various search engines, social media outlets, video advertising and other places online is in essence paying for traffic. But buying traffic can entail not specifically using PPC ads, so yes there are differences in purely buying traffic and setting up PPC campaigns.

Is Purely Buying Traffic Reliable vs PPC Advertising?

This can depend on where you’re buying traffic from. There are paid traffic provider companies out there who can bring visitors to your website from a variety of media such as email marketing or newsletters, possibly placing a banner for your website on their website, or bringing in links to visitors through various survey or pay-to-click services. But there are several things you should be aware of when using means to buy traffic.

  1. Some Services That Sell Traffic Drive It Into Your Website Artificially

You don’t want to buy traffic from websites that bring it in through either automated users, or from providers who possibly deceive users into clicking your website so they can make a profit off of them. Artificially boosting your traffic numbers could hurt your credibility with regular search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. So before you choose a company to buy from, do careful research on them to make sure they use legitimate ways to bring in traffic.

  1. Sometimes Traffic Coming In From Non-PPC Ads Could Mean Less Conversion Rates

More likely than not, the reason you want traffic for your website isn’t only to earn high rankings in search listings, but also to bring in profits from sales and make a high ROI. With PPC ads, most of the traffic is coming in to see what kind of sales and services you offer, and when done correctly can bring in a good amount of sales. While buying traffic may not mean you pay for each time your website ad was clicked, you still might be paying for visitors that may be disinterested in your website and may not convert to customers. Running your own PPC campaigns gives you more control of this.

How You Can Make PPC Advertising Work

Unlike other paid traffic services, you can turn keywords and website design into good conversion rates through PPC advertising. There is a cost to this unlike organic SEO, but using the right analytics and being able to make high conversion rates is possible with the right advice and bidding techniques. AdWords is one of the most reputable PPC streams, but you can also go through Facebook, Twitter, and other PPC engines out there. If you have decent budget, there are digital media agencies that can manage your PPC campaigns.