Why Would One Desire to Utilize a VPN in Canada?-

Some controversy has been raised among Canadian citizens regarding their countries’ surveillance and privacy policies for online browsing and usage. There is a wide range of unrecognized surveillance taking place throughout Canada’s internet networks, which many individuals feel to be both invasive and inconsiderate of their personal privacy. Many of these laws also allow for specific federal parties to retain and capture data from certain networks and computers. Most of these policies have been created in the name of national security. However, opposed to making citizens of Canada feel secured and protected, this type of federal control can often lead to discomfort and distrust in these types of ideologies. In order for Canadians to gain a higher level of privacy and avoid unwanted internet censorship, many have turned to the use of VPNs to ensure their online safety and access a wider range of content. These Canadian VPN services help conceal the IP address of your computer, as it cloaks the address with a separate IP address, often times based out of another country. This gives individuals a far higher range of discrepancy while browsing and using online features, including downloading torrents and viewing movies on streaming services.


This VPN service is great for consumers looking to not only conceal their identity from outside sources, but also from the software they are using to protect them. Basically stated, the service takes pride in ensuring with the confidence, that they keep no database or records containing your online traffic and usage. NordVPN has servers in a diverse set of over 50 separate countries, one of which includes Canada. It is available for Mac and PC, and is appreciated as a highly secure and efficient VPN service Canadians are able to utilize.


This is another great VPN service many Canadians may find to be useful. The site is based out of Hungary. It also has a wide range of servers in over 35 separate countries including the North American continent. It is a great tool for unblocking your favorite streaming sites, which will give you a wider and far more comprehensive range of movies and TV shows to choose from while streaming. Download and Upload speeds for Buffered users are reported by many to be rather high, making it a great server for people interested in doing online activities which require an abundance of speed.

What to Stear Clear of-

While many VPN Services are both helpful and safe, there are some that are better off being boycotted for Canadian Users. TunnelBear is one of these, as it is based out of Canada and is therefore subject to Canadian law. The last thing anybody wants is for their VPN service to be under the reigns of Canada’s law enforcement, as the company could at any point be required to release their customer’s private information and internet data. It is important to stay educated and shop around, before making a decision on which VPN service is best for you.