Finding The Optimal Hard Drives For Your PS4

Every serious gamer knows that the best and smoothest game-play requires a good hard drive. Now while internal hard drive installation has always been fairly easy for those who know what they are doing, not everyone does and this can create big problems when you’re handling such a pricey piece of equipment. This is especially true for those beginners who want more hard drives on their gaming console but simply do not know what they are doing and can often end up with 300+ dollars straight down the drain! Thankfully, the new PS4 comes fully equipped with external hard drive supports (for instance for the PS4 Pro hard drive) which makes driver installation considerably easier and less taxing on the individual as now all you have to do is plug in a driver and turn on your console. That’s it, its really that simple.


What is considerably less simple, however, is choosing the very best hard drives for your brand new PS4 given the massive quantity of various different kinds of products to choose from. There is no “one size fits all” and different people will always want different drives that work best for them but most people will want to find a good balance of storage space and low cost. Also important to keep in mind are the system requirements which your driver will need to conform to, for instance, unless the driver you are eyeing is USB 3.0 compatible, do not even bother picking it up for your PS4 because it simply will not work. There is a work around for this if you happen to have a old drive you wish to use, but it would require a SSD, which are not recommended as they will not at all increase system performance and in many case it will decrease it (causing loading times and bootup to take much longer than normal). If you do not mind increased loading times and decreased performance of your system then this might not be a problem but for most people it will be and is easily remedied with a SSHD, such as a Seagate FireCuda Gaming 2.5 Portable Hard Drive (not external).


Lastly, and this is actually fairly important, pay no mind to the supposed “special features” many different brands purport to offer with their storage. Most of these are just marketing gimmicks that are distractions from the core questions, 1. is it PS4 compatible? 2. how much does it cost? And, finally, how much storage space does it provide? Everything else should be secondary to these three questions. For example, there is a storage system called WD Passport which offers cloud backup insurance, but this simply is not even usable on a PS4, so be sure to check, firstly, that these perks are actually something useful and substantive as opposed to flashy bells and whistles and, secondly, if the perks that these drives offer is of some use and value to you, be sure to check and see if these perks will actually work on a PS4 system before you purchase them, otherwise you will find yourself out a lot of money and without any of those “special features” you paid so much for and that’s no fun for anyone.