Tired of feeling flustered because your account has not had any notable growth? Well here are some tips on how to make sure that you are maximizing your profile’s potential to one day become Instagram famous.

Find a niche

Okay. So when have you ever searched the internet for a web page that offers information on a bunch of random topics that you have no interest in reading about? Let me answer that for you. Never. Why would anybody go to a webpage to have random nonsense thrown in their faces? To make sure we keep an audience that happens to cross our page, we must first connect with them by showing them something that interests them. This means we need to pick a niche(theme). So say you are you are into fitness, this would mean that almost all of your pictures should be about exercising. If the audience visiting your site wants to know whats the latest in exercise trends(equipment, routines, fitness gear, etc) then you will have a higher chance of getting that person to follow you. So find a category and stick to it.

Post Regularly

I cannot stress this enough. If you do not post on a somewhat consistent schedule this will hinder your chances of hooking traffic. No one likes to visit a page that is not constantly providing new content. If your audience gets the feeling that no new content is being uploaded then why would they follow you? At least upload twice a day. The more posts the better. But the best way to make sure you stay consistent would be to keep a basic posting schedule. Whether it is putting up reminders on your Gmail calendar or just telling yourself that you need to post in the morning/afternoon, you need to have a dedicated schedule if you want to increase followers.

Tag your location

This is another way we can connect with our audience to get them engaged in our content. If the potential follower sees that you post about a certain location that interests them, then by following you they can get intel about the places you visit before they do. Basically, you are providing a service for them that gauges whether or not they would like to visit a certain area. How many times have we passed a restaurant or park but never got a chance to visit? It happens all the time, but what with a chance to see people enjoy themselves at one of these places gives an audience the chance to live through these moments vicariously.


Just like Twitter feed, Instagram will push traffic to you if you provide hashtags in your post that people are demanding content on. It is a free advertising tool you can deploy to catch wondering traffic, so use this free resource!

Follow these tips and if you put in this simple work the traffic will come. But you can also purchase some followers on comprare like instagram. Goodluck and get out there!