Growing your Instagram account is something tens of thousands of people are trying to do every month. Some manage it, some start to buy instagram likes and go from there, but most give up before they even start.

Thankfully, it is possible to grow your Instagram account in just a few weeks if you are willing to put in the time. If you follow all of these tips, you may even be able to do it faster.

Focus on quality — The first rule of thumb with any Instagram account is to focus on quality. This means only post your best photographs and, if that means you can only post one photo every few days, for the time being so be it.

Post several times a day — That being said, your Instagram account will grow faster if you post new photographs several times a day. If you use different hashtags on each, it also brings your account to the attention of more people. Some of them will start to follow you.

Follow other people and comment — Following other people isn’t enough. You also want to be sure you comment on their photos as well.

If you comment consistently and with interesting things to say, some people will start to follow your account as well. Simply because they love that you are supporting them and that you seem to like what they are doing.

Respond to comments — If anyone leaves comments on your photos, always like their comment and always respond.

Responding will attract the attention of the person who commented and, if they are not following you yet, they very well may do after they have read your nice or interesting reply to them.

Ask people to comment — One of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram account in just a few weeks is to ask people to comment on your photograph or on something you say on it.

All you have to do is to end the description you leave with statements like “What do you think about that?” or “Leave a comment and let me know how you feel”.

Many people will comment, some will keep coming back to add more and a few will also begin to follow you.

Consistency is vital — Instagram accounts do not grow very well if you post a photograph, leave and then do not post another one for several days.

Consistency when trying to grow an Instagram account is vital.

That means posting every day at the same time, and posting several times a day if you have enough good photos to be able to do so. This will leave your followers looking for your photographs at around the same daily time, and then liking them as soon as they appear.

Be consistent with filters — The prettiest accounts usually use the same filters. That means choosing a filter you like and then using it on every photo you upload.

A uniform filter often makes an account stand out, and makes it more likely people will start to follow you.