23andMe is the name of a widely known genetic test that was launched by a company of the same name. The firm specializes in both biotechnology and personal genomics. It’s located in Mountain View in California and has been in existence since the spring of 2006. It was created by the team of Paul Cusenza, Linda Avey and Anne Wojcicki. 23andMe is a user-friendly test that concentrates on all matters that pertain to genetics. People who are curious about their family backgrounds regularly take these tests. People who want to learn more about their heritage and ancestry routinely take them as well. These tests can give people useful and practical details that can help them in many diverse areas in life. They provide information that involves personal traits. They even provide helpful details that relate to health matters. There are many health conditions out there that are genetic. Some people may be more or less susceptible to certain medical disorders due to their ancestry.

A Hassle-Free Testing Approach

23andMe can make a strong genetic testing option for people who appreciate convenience and ease. This test doesn’t call for the assistance of needles or blood. People who want to steer clear of shots may be ideal candidates for 23andMe testing. If you want to get this test done, you don’t have to do much at all. All you have to do is send the 23andMe team a basic saliva sample, nothing more and nothing less. You can do this without even walking out of your residence as well. Your saliva can give the laboratory technicians access to your unique and distinctive DNA information. More on this can be read in this 23andme review – it goes into a lot more detail.

Fast and Convenient

It can be frustrating and boring to wait around for ages to receive genetic testing results. Thankfully, the people who rely on 23andMe don’t have to do this. It takes the hard-working 23andMe crew between six and eight weeks to provide individuals with their meticulous assessments. If you wait for this amount of time to pass, you should receive an email notification. This email will alert you to the fact that your report is on hand and 100 percent set for evaluation.

Why You Can Trust 23andMe’s Testing

23andMe gives people the comfort of genetic assessments that are supported by scientific research. The 23andMe staff processes saliva samples inside of laboratories that are equipped with both CAP and CLIA accreditation. 23andMe gives users DNA kits that have the approval of the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). 23andMe provides people with assessments that are completely individualized and unique. These reports come from medical and scientific studies that are credible and trustworthy.

Privacy Is a Focal Point

23andMe is a highly regarded genetic testing service that gives people genetic details that can assist them in many different and vital areas of life. People rely on 23andMe for information that’s modern, updated and comprehensive. They also rely on the company for privacy and discretion that’s matchless. 23andMe does not ever give other parties access to peoples’ genetic data.