Your Budget

Most people have to live within their budgets. This can be difficult at times, especially if you need to purchase a car. There are a lot of cars available for $5,000 and some are better than others. You must be careful and have the car you are considering purchasing checked by a mechanic. You will find some are in excellent condition and others need extensive repair work. Obtaining a vehicle history report can help you find a well maintained vehicle within your budget.

The Expectations

Most cars in the $5,000 price range will have mileage from 100,000 to 150,000. Expect the cars you look at to be a minimum of ten years old. In this price range the body of the car should be basically clean although there may be a few dings and scratches. Chances are you will see wear on the interior and especially the driver’s seat. If the car has been properly taken care of the interior can still be clean.

The Best Options For Purchase

A fair portion of new car dealerships will not sell cars in your price range. One option is an independent lot for used cars since they generally have numerous cars for around $5,000. Checking online and with private sellers are also excellent options. If you have already decided exactly what make and model of car you are interested in purchasing your best option is to find three cars that match your description. If your ideal car is a popular brand all you will locate are older cars with higher mileage and depending on the individual cars this may work. The domestic car brands will be less expensive, have less miles and be newer.

The Listings For Used Cars

Used car listings are an excellent way to locate the right car. You can use filters and advanced search options to narrow down potential cars and save a lot of time and running around. It is best to start your initial search for cars priced at $6,000 or less with under 150,000 miles. This gives you a chance to bargain with the seller and get a more expensive car at a better price. Starting locally is always best so set your search radius for within 25 miles. If you are unable to locate what you are looking for you can gradually increase the radius for your search. Keep a list of any possibilities you have found.

The Vehicle History Report

Having the vehicle history report for a car is critical. You can accomplish this by writing down the vehicle identification number listed in the ad. The two largest companies who provide this service are AutoCheck and Carfax. Remember $5,000 is still a considerable amount of money and do not want to purchase a car that has a salvage title or one that has had numerous problems of a serious nature in the past. Both of these are possible in this price range so be careful. Once you are certain the car has been properly maintained and has a clear title, contact the seller and begin bargaining to purchase your desired vehicle. If you are still lost, you can read more practical tips on