Have you ever been asked to make a collage paper (you can find awesome collage papers online) for a class and didn’t know what a collage is or just wanted to make one for yourself, but didn’t think you were “artsy” or crafty enough? Even though it is a work of art, you don’t have to have an art degree or even be artistic or crafty to make one.



A collage is comprised of items you want to assemble in many various colors and forms on a background to make one whole picture. It is fun and relaxing for many and allows you to use your creativity and imagination to show events and feelings in your life. You can make one yourself or include family, friends and/or children. Making collages is great for children because they can learn about many textures, shapes, colors and materials, they love gluing things and it is a craft they can go “wild with” using their imaginations. A collage may be to remember a special time in your life; consolidate pictures of your family; or if you’re off to college, have pictures of your friends all in one form to put up on your college dorm wall. A collage is a great way to keep memories alive!



First, after deciding on your theme, you need to collect the items to use on your collage.Some items you can use are:

  1. Ribbons
  2. Buttons
  3. Scraps of Material
  4. Wallpaper Pieces
  5. Different Colors of Construction Paper
  6. Tissue Paper
  7. Cut-outs from Magazines
  8. News Items
  9. Photographs
  10. Pictures of Places or Things That Go With Your Theme
  11. Foils
  12. Different Colors of Duct Tape
  13. Beads
  14. String
  15. Feathers
  16. Glitter or Sparkles


You’ll find that you may already have many of these items around your house. If not, you can purchase the things you need at a fabric or craft store.


After you’ve collected the items you need and the theme of your collage, it’s time to get started. The following are ways to use the items you’ve chosen:

  1. Construction Paper – Use scissors, tear paper or cut paper then tear the

edges to add texture to your look.

  1. Photographs – Cut out entire pictures or important parts of pictures for what

you’re portraying. You can use regular scissors or use decorative edge

scissors that cut designs on the edges.

  1. Pictures – Cut out pictures of places you’ve been or you want to show that go

with your theme. You can find them in magazines and/or your own photographs.

  1. Words – Cut out various sizes of block letters, script letters, etc. to make

words or sentences to tell your story.

No matter what you choose to use in your collage, it will show your memories in a work of art and give you a treasure you can keep for years to come!