This is a list of seven reasons why every business should consider investing in SEO optimization and how an SEO expert can help grow your company:

SEO is Tailored for Your Business

First and foremost, the techniques used to improve your SEO are very effective. Focusing on optimal user experience and using strategic SEO practices is one of the best ways to assure plenty of organic traffic and higher search engine positioning. A Search Engine Optimization expert can help you customize your website and tailor each page you have to ensure the maximum exposure possible.

SEO Increases Site Traffic

Based on the way search engines are developing SEO experts can bring in more traffic and maximize the clicks you are getting on your website. Even video and audio searches ultimately depend on at the end of the day hinge on optimized keywords just like more traditional content and majority text-based websites. An SEO expert can optimize embedded and traditional content so that your website reaches the most people possible.

SEO is Cost-Effective Marketing

SEO is cost-effective. Compared to the costs linked to other modes of online marketing. For example, social media advertising, PPC advertising, and purchasing customer information for an email list or marketing package are all more expensive than search engine optimization and less effective at low price points. While other marketing techniques are worthwhile as well, search engine optimization is a good jumping off point and can help you build a base of customers to market to in other ways once you have them.

Search Engines are Succeeding

Search engines account for larger and larger market shares every day. Anywhere between 80-90% of patrons read website reviews before they make a purchase online reviews prior to making a purchase and this comparison shopping lends itself very well to search engine optimization. This number is also increasing all of the time, it won’t be long before shopping anywhere, but the internet is the exception. If you have not employed a SEO expert these online shoppers will not be able to locate your website. Organic SEO will make your website easy to find and put you a step ahead of competitors who are not paying as much attention to detail.

Mobile Traffic Can be Locally Optimized

The amount of traffic that comes from mobile devices is also increasing. This dramatic rise in the use of mobile devices over the last decade necessitates especially local search engine optimization. It is important to take advantage of larger mobile networks and increased bandwidth by optimizing your site for local searches. A SEO expert can help you take full advantage of mobile device traffic. The amount of website content delivered to mobile devices now exceeds the amount of that comes from desktop devices.

Finally, though a bit dated but still relevant, here is a video from Matt Cutts explaining some of the areas many webmasters have problems with when it comes to SEO:

A search engine optimization expert can increase your traffic, decrease your marketing costs, and grow your local profile. For all of these reasons and more SEO is a viable marketing strategy for any business.