outdoor LED flood lights

Outdoor LED flood lights are a great enhancement to the landscape and architecture. More importantly, they provide adequate light to navigate at night and keep away intruders. LEDs produce brighter lighting that covers a bigger location compared to their traditional HID counterparts. Other advantages of replacing traditional lights with LEDs is that they are commercially beneficial due to less energy consumption and have a long durability of up to 50,000 hours. Before making a purchase of outdoor LED flood lights, it is crucial to consider a few factors.

Where to use LED flood lights

LEDs have IP66 ratings meaning that they are waterproof and can be used throughout all seasons and in all locations. There are a variety of LEDs that illuminate landscapes differently and cover different distances. It is important to consider all the LED flood lights in the market, to avoid intruding a neighbor’s property with unwelcome rays, or not covering every street or stadium corner:

  • Outdoor wall lighting is perfect on the porch or garage door
  • Landscape lighting highlights the scene’s nature
  • Outdoor hanging lights illuminate the front door
  • Post lanterns maximize street’s and the driveway’s visibility
  • Outdoor ceiling lights illuminate an entryway
  • Deck and step lights highlights walkways, pool edges, sidewalks and driveways

Which color temperature to use

The color is just as important as the illumination provided. When highlighting a landscape in a home or restaurant, chances are most people will not appreciate a blinding white light fit for dark street corners. Warm white or yellow makes the home’s outdoor atmosphere cozy. Different colors affect the varied garden hues differently. Water sparkles more with a cool white LED lighting whereas a warm white fits wooden surfaces and plants best. Depending on the seasons, the environment exhibits different brightness. During winter and autumn, the dimmer outside atmosphere matches well with a warm white illumination.

Which LED floodlight functionality will fit best

LED lights can be operated using three primary methodologies:

  • Switching feature- One has to turn the lights on and off manually. This one enables one to have full control of the energy consumption.
  • Motion detection- These lights fit security purposes best since they turn on when they sense movement. They are a great addition to the driveway, gate entry, and street sidewalks.
  • Light detection- These solar powered LEDs brighten in the evening and dim when the sun comes up. They are economically beneficial and can be useful when highlighting small patches of the landscape such as a garden.

LED flood lights are energy efficient and a better alternative to traditional lamps. They last longer and save a lot of energy and money. LEDs have advanced rapidly since their introduction in the market and currently offer varied options for mounts, housing, and lenses in white, yellow, black, amber, blue or green. If the lighting is only needed temporarily such as for an outdoor game at night, there are portable LED floodlights which have a broad range of mounts for different angles. One can purchase individual lights, or sets of lights to provide different illuminations. LED floodlights are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.