If you are looking for the best broadband service in the UK, you would do well to look at Sky Broadband (UK). Not only has it been the best broadband I have used in the last few years, but it comes with so many features other services do not it really is hard to beat. To contact sky, just call one of theĀ contact numbers for sky and get your package today!

The Sky Broadband (UK) speed — The first thing I noticed when my Sky Broadband was connected was how fast it was compared to another broadband service I used to have.

With its ADSL broadband, and up to 17Mbps per second, it is so fast that everything I need it for is no problem.

That includes uploading, downloading, and watching endless hours of streaming TV and movies via Netflix and hundreds of YouTube videos.

The Sky Broadband calls packages — Another wonderful thing about Sky are the large number of calling packages it has. No more does Sky have a ‘one package fits all’ mentality. Instead, they have looked at the type of calling hours their customers keep, and created a slew of packages accordingly.

I use the Sky Talk International Extra, as I call so many people overseas. I could use the Sky Talk Anytime Extra, however, if most of my calls were in the UK as that is a great deal as well.

If you choose Sky Broadband, just be sure you figure out what time of day and on which days you make most of your calls and there will be a great package that will save you money.

The Sky+ box makes watching TV so easy — Another thing I love about having Sky Broadband is the The Sky+ box that comes with it so you can easily watch TV at your own convenience.

After all, the Sky+ box does everything. You can record on it, rewind, fast forward and stop it when ever you want to, as well as skip over commercials and even store your favorite TV shows for as long as you like. The BBC iPlayer works great through it as well if you love to watch the latest BBC TV series.

BT Sport and Sky Sports — Now I do not watch much sport on TV, but my husband watches everything. That is why he loves Sky Broadband as he can get both BT Sport and Sky Sports through it, which means he rarely misses any sporting event he wants to see.

You do have to pay a small extra monthy fee to get BT Sport, but my husband says he does not mind as it gives him so many more sports channels to watch for not very much more money.

Affordable price for a great service — Sky have also made sure that their broadband service is unlimited and affordable.

When you compare it to other broadband services in the UK for the monthly fee they charge, and look at all the excellent features it comes with, you really do get one of the better deals in the country.