Playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive seriously often requires buying specific computer equipment so that your performance can be improved. When that happens, you may not know which is the best mouse, keyboard or headset for CSGO, or why you need to upgrade the ones you already have.

Here are some features you should look for with a headset for CSGO. Features that will help you move your gaming performance to the next level, and win even more.


How comfortable is the headset — Many serious gamers make the mistake of choosing a headset simply because it gives them clearer sound. One of the main reasons for upgrading to the best headset for CSGO, however, is to make it more comfortable to wear. After all, remember you are going to be wearing a Counter Strike: Global Offensive headset for hundreds of hours a month if you are a serious gamer. Hours where that headset should be comfortable and not too heavy or too tight on your head.

Is it lightweight? — A heavy headset could give you a headache, or just make you tired after many hours of gaming. That is why buying a lightweight headset is one of the most important things to consider when looking for the best headset for CSGO. Always try out a headset before buying it, so you can be sure it is light enough to be able to use for hours on end.


Clearer audio — Clear audio is very important when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as you want to be sure you can not only hear your team mates but that you can hear your enemies as well.


Make sure the headset you buy for Counter Strike: Global Offensive offers you much clearer sound than the one you already own, so that you do not misunderstand anything that is said to you in the midst of a heated game.


A built-in microphone — This is something you need to decide for yourself if it is important for you or not. That is because, while some gamers prefer a built-in microphone, others prefer a microphone that is external.


This is because built-ins do not always offer the best audio quality, which is important if you are going to be taping your gameplay for YouTube or live streaming it on Twitch.


An external microphone will usually offer you better quality audio, but it also comes with an extra wire that you then have to accommodate into your gaming set up. Be sure you are fine with an extra wire before you decide on a headset that does not have a built-in mic.


Buying a headset for CSGO — You can buy a good headset for Counter Strike: Global Offensive online much easier than you can offline, especially as the same one will come with many price levels depending on where you buy it.


Just be sure you test out any CSGO headset before ordering one online, so you can be sure it is the right headset for your gameplay.